The toddler years are full of ‘firsts’. As the word toddler is derived from “to toddle”, which means to walk unsteadily, these kids are making their little tiny steps towards the preschool years. It is a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. Developmental play aids to the brain development of toddlers. It helps them to interact with the world around them. By engaging them with art, craft, games etc. their imagination and decision-making skills will improve. Parents should encourage cognitive and language development with fun-filled learning activities. Here we are going to share a wonderful list of the best five not-so-messy craft ideas that make your toddler develop their motor skills, imagination and creativity. Let’s have some fun with our little masters.

1 Hand Painting

5 Awesome Craft Ideas for the Curious Toddler

Yes, I know what you are thinking now. We all know hand paintings by toddlers are messy. But kids should be allowed to play with colors, which is fun and exciting. Painting aids children acquire hand-eye coordination, an important skill in their age. It also acts as a therapy for children facing emotional difficulties, since it helps them to express their feeling. So let’s try to turn their little hand into a tree or little fingers to draw flowers. Don’t forget to use edible paints! You know your little troublemakers, right?

2 Recycling Old Goods

What about making something new with materials you already have at home? Don’t forget to adapt this project depending on the age of your toddler. We can start recycling old things by sitting in the comfort of our home. It is an opportunity to teach kids the benefits of reusing and recycling at a tender age itself. And once they understand the amount of waste generated at home, you can teach them the concept of reducing too.

3 Leaves and Stick Craft

1 Hand Painting

Have you ever tried to make a leaf man with your child? Incorporating flowers, leaves etc available in our garden to make new crafts makes your child more inclined towards exploring nature. You can help them to make a tiara from flowers and leaves or a cute bouquet for your little princess. Or a magic wand for your little magician from a dry twig or a small branch. Interesting, isn’t it?

4 Torn Paper Collage

Try to make a paper collage with your kid. It may sound difficult for a toddler but start from making minimalistic shapes. It improves flexibility and their sense of touch. As they arrange these paper cuttings in various textures and colors they will become more observant and will begin to see new ideas in things around them.

5 Play Dough Crafts

Play Dough is one of the most favorite things for kids to play with. It is a little messy for parents but it is an amazing tool for learning. Haven’t you seen this in your kitchen too? At least once your kid would’ve come to play with the dough you prepared for making Chappathi or Poori. It advances their motor skills and develops hand-eye coordination. Allowing kids to make different shapes or objects that will improve their creativity and imagination, it also helps them to learn color mixing, encourages curiosity and aids their overall development. So let’s make some monsters or minions or you can even try to make a pizza.  

Help Them Invent Themselves

Engaging in any creative process will boost creative thinking in your child. They will yield intellectual and physical benefits. But always remember to join them on all these activities. This will allow you to have better communication with them and also to grow with them. Try to find new creativity ideas for them and help them explore new possibilities on their own. As Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget says, “Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves.” So let us offer them all the support and assistance for their creative endeavors while they invent themselves.

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