Painting is messy. Painting takes time and effort. But, you know what? Painting is a great tool for brain development. When kids grow, they will start to explore their talents and one area that most children find interesting is painting. Parents who are keen to work with their preschoolers on letters, alphabets and even some math, almost never find painting as a learning tool. While all these activities are undoubtedly beneficial for your kid, adding creative play and activities like painting ensures whole brain growth.

Drawing and painting are fundamental to brain development. Nowadays, kids are spending increasingly less time on these activities at home because of the increased use of smartphones and tablets. Even though every kid wouldn’t turn into a Van Gogh or Picasso, painting sure have lots of benefits in their overall development. This article is going to present the seven best reasons to let your child draw and paint more. Let’s dive right in.

Painting Helps Kids to Express Themselves

Painting helps to communicate emotions or feelings.  The colors used by a painter represent their moods and emotions.  Children learn to transform their own ideas and feelings onto paper if you offer them some time. It also helps in developing their communication skills. When kids do something on their own, they can’t wait to share the great news with their parents. Instead of guessing what they have drawn, allow them to explain it to you and they will think more and speak more every time you initiate this conversation.

Painting Facilitates Learning

Painting allows children to learn about basic shapes and patterns in a fun and exciting manner. They learn about sizes, shapes, patterns, and designs while painting. They see painting as a game, and while they play the painting game, they gain knowledge about different colors, how colors can be mixed to form new colors, the anatomy of different organisms, features of various natural and man-made structures and more.

Painting Fosters Creativity

7 Reasons to Let Your Kid Paint More

Painting can be a great platform for your kid to discover their creativity. Through painting, they acquire knowledge about mixing various colors and start creating new colors and shades. It also offers a chance to experience cause and effect. They experiment and think just like a scientist working on a top science facility. They learn to organize things and manage time. They are going to start asking more questions too, so get ready for that!

Painting helps to grow Self Esteem

Painting builds and grows self-esteem in children. When children paint, they emphasis on the process, not the end product. Never judge them. Instead, congratulate them and motivate them to paint more. They are going to feel so successful, no matter what. Even if their painting looks like rubbish to you, they will have a feeling of pride and accomplishment in their work.

Painting Helps in Stress Relief

Painting helps to remove your stress. Things can be stressful for your little ones too. Painting is an excellent way to de-stress. It helps children to relax and if you can add some music to the atmosphere, PERFECT!

Painting Facilitates Brain Development

Painting helps to improve hand-eye coordination, develop muscle control and is a great brain exercise for your kid. Mental agility can be achieved through routine painting as the child continuously expresses his ideas and feelings through painting. Painting process also helps them to focus on trivial details. The left side of the brain is responsible for logical tasks and the right-side deals with creative tasks. Painting activates the creative right half while the left half is activated by logical tasks, leads to an overall brain development.

Painting Cultivates a habit of Art Appreciation

Children acquire a lot of knowledge and experience while painting. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities, where their minds wander around searching for their next subject. They will start noticing other paintings and photographs. Slowly they will gain the skill to interpret visual language and enable them to appreciate works of art in the future.

Ready to Paint?

Apart from all these factors, painting can be a great platform for bonding with your child. It can also play a significant role in the overall development of your child. So, let them paint as much as they want. Encourage them to try different painting methods and styles. Appreciate them with positive feedback and reward them occasionally. Buy more paints and supplies if they remain interested and excited. Join them if you are ready to get your hands messy. It is going to be fun. Let’s start painting, folks.

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