Did you know that Creativity can provide multiple, NOVEL and unique solutions to any problem?

Taking you through a Flashback……..

I have always been BIG. In fact, even my mom thought I was a small calf when she saw me for the first time (wish she was joking!). She fainted on seeing me rather than during the ordeal she went through a little while ago. And from then on my physical graph kept going upward. I was very much fond of food, especially all the sweet dishes. I tried to avoid any kind of extracurricular activities because I didn’t want to get any attention. I got into a deep relationship with reading; that was my only interest then…..to finish off as many books as I could without endangering my academics.

After reaching my 10th grade, I suddenly developed an urge to “contract” my expansion. That was when I started with many kinds of workouts including Jane Fonda’s. From then on it was ebbs and flows.

At each stage in my life, whether in Career or Personal, I kept trying out various “recipes” to bring down my size. It took the shape of Walking, Cardio exercises, Personal training, Zorba, Yoga and so on. Diets were also tested from time to time.

Now, coming back…..

After the birth of my “late edition” sonny, I was back to square one, the original BIG. That’s when I chanced upon ZUMBA. It turned out to be one of the choicest decisions that I had taken in my life. I had never ever learned dance in my childhood but found that I could pick up these Zumba steps quite comfortably. And the best part is that I loved going to my Zumba classes. I would never miss a single session. Each class was like a celebration and loaded with lots of fun, each of us filled with vim and vigor. I would never think even for once about the actual purpose as to why I was going for it and at the same time,  I was reaching my personal goal.

It’s been about 4 years since I started with this new-found attraction and am now quite adept at it. Finding solutions is a very arduous task which is known to one and all. The term solution itself gives us the jitters due to the nostalgic memories of our school-day mathematics classes. There are umpteen ways to find solutions to our problems. It could be a novel one or one which was used by our grandmothers. So when I could find such an opening for my problem, I thought……… “Well, Why not?”. Could it be my creative skills which helped me find a solution, a NOVEL one? Over a period of time, I‘ve realised that creative thinking boosts motivation. Creativity motivates us to practice a skill for endless hours. That’s exactly what I did.

If I Can, You Can! All you need is to break the mould of conventional thinking and find new ways of diluting problems. Start exploring new avenues to solve them.

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