Women’s day is perhaps only an occasion to reiterate the glory of womanhood. A glory we fail to see because we are constantly being made to feel we are not as significant as our male counterparts. If women can understand their inner worth, the joy of embracing the feminine, then we can make it better for the women of today and the women of tomorrow.

So how do we know our worth? It begins at home! Let’s try not discriminating and perpetuating gender roles within the family. If a girl can cook, so can a boy? If a boy can ride a bike, so can a girl. A more democratic way of parenting can empower both girls and boys in the family. So it is again a woman in the role of the mother who can usher in this change.

We also need to educate our boys and our men to treat women with respect and these seeds have to sown from childhood itself. Even in school, the boy-girl divide should give way to treating the opposite sex as individuals first and boys and girls later. This will reflect in how women will be treated later as girlfriends, wives, and mothers. Then of course, no woman will be weighed in gold before being married off .No girl will have to give up her dreams of a career after marriage .No woman will feel she is an object to be gawked at, or groped for pleasure.

So amidst the rumbling voices clamouring for liberation, let us also start a silent revolution from our homes and schools- a revolution that will light up the lives of our women in future.

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