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Creative Moms Hub is a place where moms support each other to nurture and showcase their creativity.

Founded by a group of four career-break moms, CMH provides an online platform where moms can find a range of resources to enhance and exhibit their creativity.

Here you will find anything from parenting advises and inspirational tales to courses and selling platforms for everything creative. 

What We Stand For

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide moms all over the world with an enriching life experience through creativity. We want to foster belief in the power of stories of creative moms to enhance the life of other moms. We want moms to realize their true inner value and rediscover themselves. 

What Makes us Unique

Our Core Principles

  • Inspiration: To flame the dormant spark in you.
  • Motivation: To share stories of creativity
  • Optimism: To make you realize that you can do it.
  • Discovery: To explore the real you.
  • Integrity: To uphold the highest standards.
  • Respect: Value the everyday efforts of moms.
Our Team

The Founding Four

What’s common between a writer, a techie, a banker and a designer? They are all moms..  And they are all creative..

Smitha Nair

Smitha Nair

The Writer

Was on the lookout for an opportunity to help moms to come out of their inner shell and confines of their homes. I can relate to it because I had to take care of my son, who was slow in reaching his milestones and spend a lot of time with him, thus bringing out my creativity in umpteen ways. This avenue enables me to motivate and kindle the inborn spark in other moms like me. Besides working with Content, I enjoy spending time Reading and listening to old Hindi songs
Jency Thomas

Jency Thomas

The Techie

My profession and academics defines me as an IT professional. However, I like to introduce myself as a mother of 3 kids that makes my life creative and content. Being with them makes me busy and creative, and brings in multiple opportunities to exercise my passion for doing things. When not running after my kids, I’ll be busy either doing art and craft works or trying out new recipes in kitchen or stitching.
Beena Kassim

Beena Kassim

The Banker

I am a banking professional with 22 years of rich experience, interested in updating new technologies. Also I am blessed with a pair of twin 14 years old boys . I love travelling , Reading and cooking especially new recipes for my husband and children when time permits. Creative Moms Hub gives me a platform to inspire busy mothers like me to develop our passion

Sree Kumari

Sree Kumari

The Designer

I am a graphics and web designer, photo and video professional and an animation artist. I maintain a roof top garden and also run a branding platform along with my husband. But my greatest creativity has always been bringing up my boy who is 11 years old now. Be it playing with him or helping him with his school projects, I have always discovered new dimensions within myself spendinng time with him.

Founders’ Message

We chanced upon each other at a Prayaana workshop in the city. All of us were in a dim phase of our career and longing to do something as moms because we were completely immersed in our “mom duties”. This is an earnest effort on our part to empower moms like us. We will inspire you to practice new ways of looking at problems and start exploring newer methods to solve them. And thereby making a positive impact on communities where we live. Experience the stories of various moms through Creative Moms Hub and stay inspired.

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