If you are a mother of a toddler, you know the importance of keeping him or her busy. Toddlers keep their moms on their toes when they have their hands full of work. When you are busy with your work, keeping your kids busy may not be at the top of your list.  However, your child needs constant stimulation when he is started to walk and climb. One of the great advantages of toddlers is that they do not need any complicated toys or difficult activities to keep them engaged. It can be a little intimidating to try to get them busy in an activity if you do not have good experience with kids. Be yourself and relax if you want to engage your toddler.  Engaging them is quite easy when you know how. There are plenty of tips and activities to engage your toddlers.  Here are some of the art and craft ideas to keep your toddlers busy.

Rice Art

Rice art is a good activity to engage your kids and make them happy. You can make your toddler engaged with some rice and colors. Put 1 cup of rice into a Ziploc bag and add three tablespoons of vinegar in it. Add 5 drops of food color into the bag and sealed it properly. Smash the bag all around so that the color gets transferred to the rice evenly. Let the rice sit inside the bag for a few minutes after the color mix thoroughly. Do this with different colors like orange, red, green, blue etc. Pour the colored rice into its own tray and let it there overnight to dry. It also helps to reduce the intense smell of the vinegar. The rice will be ready to make art the next day. Help him to create art using this colored rice to make him busy.

Color Mixing Art

Kids love to play with different colors and create art. Use some freezer bags and washable painting for this activity. Freezer bags are stronger than ordinary bags and do not rip so easily. Use some hair gel or shampoo to dilute the paint to get a nice texture. Mix these colors to make creative and eye-catching arts. You can use small toys to make footprints in the paint. Just tape the bag after the use so that your toddler can use it for days to play.

Leaf Prints

Teach your little one to make exciting leaf prints on paper using real leaves. For this art, collect some leaves of different shapes and sizes. Take a palette to prepare various colors of paint. Cover your work area with newspapers or using a mat. Paint the entire surface of a leaf by placing its under-side facing up. Take a construction paper or sketch paper and press this painted leaf onto it. Once you remove the leaf, you can see its beautiful print on the paper. Encourage your toddler to repeat the process with various colors and other leaf shapes.

Mud paintings

Kids love to play with mud and make art from nature. They love to make different shapes with it. You can encourage your toddler for mud painting if you want to explore his or her creativity outside. For this activity, you need to put some mud and color in plastic cups and mix it well using water. Give them sketch paper of construction paper and brushes to create beautiful paintings using this colored mud.

Potato stamps

First of all, this craft always requires the help of an adult. Use potatoes to make charming prints on paper or fabric. It is easy to create different shapes, alphabet letters, numbers or other designs using this wonderful vegetable.  Cut some clean potatoes in half and carve desired shapes. Take shallow containers and make different colors of paint on it. Use fabric paint if you want to stamp on fabric. You can make beautiful prints by dipping potato stamps into different colors of paint. Remember to keep the knife that use to make potato shapes out of children’s reach.

Art n craft ideas for toddler

Squeeze Bottle Painting

Make your kid happy with Squeeze bottle painting.  With some changes, you can make squeeze bottles like the shape of crayons. Remove the labels of them and give them the shape of crayons. Then make some squeezable paint. You can make it by adding equal parts of flour, food color and salt and mix it well with water. It may be a little difficult to get the paint into the narrow mouth of the squeeze bottles. You cannot use a funnel to get the paint into the bottle as it is too thick to pass. Ask your toddler to squeeze the paint and make funny paintings on the paper or somewhere else.

Art n craft ideas for toddler

There are plenty of art and craft ideas to entertain your toddler other than the same old preschool art activities. Of course, art and crafts can be messy, but it is helpful for them for the growth and development of their brains. You can incorporate different art and crafts projects into your kid’s life that are useful to touch on a wide range of skills. Painting, drawing, scrapbooking, creating cards for others and baking are good projects to make him engaged. Each of these art and craft are beneficial to develop their thinking, feeling and even their co-ordination skills.

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