We often think that –  if I were a little more able, I would certainly do that job… If I have a little more wisdom, I will definitely chalk it out…. If I have a little more faith, I will do this….If I were fearless, I would do that… If I have a little more beauty….bla, bla, bla…. Our thought process may be like this. Whatever or whichever the matter be, most of us may insert an ‘’if’’ in front of our desires. Am I right? I would like to tell them that — You are able, you are capable for this job, you are fearless and courageous. You have such a brilliant wisdom in you. Your inner beauty reflects in your eyes. Have faith in you, believe yourself, you can do wonders to the world. Can’t you trust me? OK… Then listen carefully….

Most of us wake up before sunrise and do all the things in home like washing the clothes, cleaning the home, preparing food, helping your husband and kids for going to the office or school as the case may be, look after our parents, etc. We do all these things daily without expecting anything from anyone. Only because we love our family unconditionally. Yes, we manage our homes genuinely and perfectly. Right? Can you even imagine your husband can do all these things for one day, at least for one day?

If your answer is a big NO, you can understand the things I already mentioned above. That is not your husband’s fault. We have a little more compassion than him. Even if you are a manager of a company, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or a nurse, or a police officer, or a writer, or a political leader… You do all these things. Because we are made like that. That’s why it is said that Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

You are truthful and sincere to the persons nearby You. You are love, You are tolerance, You are wisdom, You are courage, You are the abode of virtues, You are Shakti, and simply You are PERFECT.

Most of us usually travel by bus. While you are travelling a bus, anyone tries to misbehave, you react bravely and boldly, Right? So, you are strong enough to tackle the situation. You have such an amazing strength in you. You have a lot of hidden innate strength in you. We should mine and cultivate our abilities.

In our day to day life, you may go through certain mood swings. You may be confronted with unwanted troubles. In such a situation you may lose your self-control and you may become worried. Most of us face a lot of mental stress and tortures in our life. We always wish to be loved, cared, protected, encouraged, motivated and supported by somebody.

Hey, you people don’t worry. I am here to encourage you, to support you, to appreciate you, and to make you aware of your …. No…OUR rights. Myself Panchami. You can share with me your dreams, your thoughts, your goals, your achievements, your ambitions and aspirations, your worries, your anxieties, your fears, anything. Because now-a-days everything moves very fast.

No one has the time even to hear our troubles and problems. Sometimes I may not be able to find out a solution to your problems. I am here to hear you, I be a good listener, and it’s my promise. You can trust me, we can move together and make a change. No one can stop us. And one more thing, recently somebody told me that — we should defeat the failure. Whenever you defeat the failure or whenever you overcome the failure, you will become positive and can do miracles to the world.

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