Creativity Unplugged: A Million Things  to Do after Retirement

Creativity Unplugged: A Million Things to Do after Retirement

You may or may not have a bucket list. But something you should have is a basket full of dreams for your retirement life. Yes, it is time to change the old notion about retirement that all there is to do after retirement is looking after your grandchildren. Retirement is not an end. It actually is the beginning of new opportunities and endless possibilities. Creativity is not just art and craft. It also involves effective planning and successful implementation. Why can’t we be creative about retirement also?  Let’s have a look at a few things that you could and should do to make your retirement a wonderful turning point and an exciting experience.

Create a bucket list

You are given the gift of time. All you have to do is utilize it effectively. Take a pen and paper or your tab or your mobile and make a list of things you always wanted to pursue. It may be having a pet or learning to play an instrument. It can be running a marathon or visiting the Louvre or doing a bungee jump. The best part is, you are the boss and you can make the list as longer and crazier as you wish.

Become an Entrepreneur

You read it right. You have priceless experiences of a lifetime. You might have a good amount of money at hand. Why can’t you try something challenging and innovative? You might have worked under other for long years. You might have worked in a managerial position, but to grow someone else’s company. This is the right time to run your own show. Become an entrepreneur and start enjoying every moment of it.

Be a part of communities

Retirement will disrupt your social interactions. You were used to meeting the same bunch of people at work regularly and suddenly all that is gone. You have two options here: One, sit back and think about those wonderful days spent with them, meet them once or twice a year during some events and live in that nostalgia. Or you be brave about it and start finding new people and initiating new conversations.

A lot of communities exist out there. All you must do is find the ones you like. If you are a bibliophile, a lot of book clubs are out there which you can easily be a part of. If you like charity, you can find communities which do a lot of volunteer work around the globe. You can be a part of a laughing club if you want. Or catching the extreme, you can even start a community on your own for likeminded people around you.

Travel. Explore. Experience.

Creativity Unplugged: A Million Things to Do after Retirement

You have been working hard till this moment and you deserve some fun. Retirement offers you the opportunity to break out of your shell, grab your backpack and hit the places you always wanted to visit. Don’t even think that your age is a barrier for traveling. Be your boss and have fun.

Plant something

Even if you are not that into plants and all, planting a tree is like leaving your footprint in this world. It is like having a friend who waits for you when you come home from your happy hours with your friends or back from your road trip. Having a coffee with your plant/tree buddy is something new and the feeling is nothing but heaven like.

Do something you were always afraid of

There could be a lot of things you always wanted to do but you couldn’t. You may have a lot of reasons to justify your fears. Are you going to leave those fears as it is? Do you have any idea how beautiful that feeling is to conquer your fear? You can start with the smallest. One step at a time. Make a list of things that scare you. Start with the something you can do easily. Then do the next one and the next and the next. Here starts the miracle called life.

Start a Journal (If you don’t already have one)

Have you ever written something in your life? Don’t think that this is about writing a huge novel or book. What do you think about a journal? Can you start writing one? Keep in mind that it is not a diary. You can scribble whatever you want. You can paste things. You can plan things. You can draw things with your grandchildren’s crayons. Literally, you can do whatever you want with your journal. Trust me, you will fall in love with this idea. This may trigger the writer or painter in you, who knows! Journals are full of miracles.

In fact, the possibilities are endless. You can come up with a million ideas to do after your retirement, but they should make you happy and content at the end of the day. In short, it is your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t limit yourself fearing what others might think about you. Be yourself and start chasing your dreams that were kept locked deep inside your mind. Seize the day. Peace, Love, and Happiness.

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Raising A Creative Child: 4 Essential Tips

Raising A Creative Child: 4 Essential Tips

Children are born creative. All we must do is to nurture their talents and shape their creativity. But, how is this possible? Being a creative mom requires a lot of hard work and patience. There is no place for ignorance and negligence. Even though the final approach should be unique for each child, we have identified 4 essential factors that will help you in raising a creative child. Let’s have a look.

Create Opportunities

Let me stress this point again. Children are born creative. But they need opportunities to showcase their creativity and fine-tune their skills. They must be given a space to explore and invent, to question and ideate, to learn and invent and finally to upgrade themselves. Wishing for your kid to be creative and restricting their actions cannot go hand in hand. Instead, you can channelize their actions so that everybody benefits. When your kids start drawing on the wall, you can either be angry about it and stop him from drawing or be creative and offer them a canvas to draw and even allocate a portion of the wall for them to draw. A positive environment is what they need. And when they get better with their skills, provide options for improvisation and encourage them to be more creative.

Raising A Creative Child: 4 Essential Tips

Offer Time to Learn

We have agreed on creating a favorable atmosphere, enough supplies and an encouraging support for our kids. Now, it is time for them to do something using these resources. It is possible that, at this point, the boss hidden inside us wakes up. If we are running a company or working as a senior manager in a firm, we would expect our employees to work efficiently after we have provided everything they demanded. Don’t apply the same logic to your children. Even after all this hard work from our side, they might decide to not do it, because they lost their interest, or they simply found something else more interesting. Even if they start doing it, they might do it in a completely different way than it is supposed to be. Do not lose your patience. Give them time. And they will come back and do it later. Even if they don’t, be ready to accept it.

Raising A Creative Child: 4 Essential Tips

Let them Fail and Learn

Nobody likes failure. Being a parent, most of us want our children to be successful in each and every stage. The reality is that we learn more when we fail than when we succeed. When our kids fail, we can use that experience to help them learn from the situation. Kids who are afraid of failure and judgment will curb their own creative thought. So, failures can even help the kid to move on and accept challenges. The determination to figure out a problem or making something new will definitely help the kid to develop his personality in a positive manner.

Play with Children

Always spend some quality time with your children. Whenever kids see someone doing something interesting, his or her natural instinct will be to mimic the action. When a kid sees an artist at work, he might want to draw something too. This is their basic nature. They imitate. They experiment. That is how they find new interests. Playing with them will help you understand these traits and offers an opportunity to introduce something new to them. Happiness is a key to creativity. Sit down and sketch next to your child or enthuse over your own latest motorbike or furniture redesigning project. You will be amazed at their speed to acquire new knowledge.

A Final Word

As parents, it is our responsibility to help our kids think out of the box. Being creative is a not a stand-alone phase in life, rather it should be a continuous and evolving process. When you create opportunities for them to experiment, offer time for them to evolve, allow them to learn from their mistakes and find time to be with them, you are already on the path of developing a creative soul. As Sue Atkins once said, ‘There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So, just be a real one.’

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5 Awesome Craft Ideas for the Curious Toddler

5 Awesome Craft Ideas for the Curious Toddler

The toddler years are full of ‘firsts’. As the word toddler is derived from “to toddle”, which means to walk unsteadily, these kids are making their little tiny steps towards the preschool years. It is a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. Developmental play aids to the brain development of toddlers. It helps them to interact with the world around them. By engaging them with art, craft, games etc. their imagination and decision-making skills will improve. Parents should encourage cognitive and language development with fun-filled learning activities. Here we are going to share a wonderful list of the best five not-so-messy craft ideas that make your toddler develop their motor skills, imagination and creativity. Let’s have some fun with our little masters.

1 Hand Painting

5 Awesome Craft Ideas for the Curious Toddler

Yes, I know what you are thinking now. We all know hand paintings by toddlers are messy. But kids should be allowed to play with colors, which is fun and exciting. Painting aids children acquire hand-eye coordination, an important skill in their age. It also acts as a therapy for children facing emotional difficulties, since it helps them to express their feeling. So let’s try to turn their little hand into a tree or little fingers to draw flowers. Don’t forget to use edible paints! You know your little troublemakers, right?

2 Recycling Old Goods

What about making something new with materials you already have at home? Don’t forget to adapt this project depending on the age of your toddler. We can start recycling old things by sitting in the comfort of our home. It is an opportunity to teach kids the benefits of reusing and recycling at a tender age itself. And once they understand the amount of waste generated at home, you can teach them the concept of reducing too.

3 Leaves and Stick Craft

1 Hand Painting

Have you ever tried to make a leaf man with your child? Incorporating flowers, leaves etc available in our garden to make new crafts makes your child more inclined towards exploring nature. You can help them to make a tiara from flowers and leaves or a cute bouquet for your little princess. Or a magic wand for your little magician from a dry twig or a small branch. Interesting, isn’t it?

4 Torn Paper Collage

Try to make a paper collage with your kid. It may sound difficult for a toddler but start from making minimalistic shapes. It improves flexibility and their sense of touch. As they arrange these paper cuttings in various textures and colors they will become more observant and will begin to see new ideas in things around them.

5 Play Dough Crafts

Play Dough is one of the most favorite things for kids to play with. It is a little messy for parents but it is an amazing tool for learning. Haven’t you seen this in your kitchen too? At least once your kid would’ve come to play with the dough you prepared for making Chappathi or Poori. It advances their motor skills and develops hand-eye coordination. Allowing kids to make different shapes or objects that will improve their creativity and imagination, it also helps them to learn color mixing, encourages curiosity and aids their overall development. So let’s make some monsters or minions or you can even try to make a pizza.  

Help Them Invent Themselves

Engaging in any creative process will boost creative thinking in your child. They will yield intellectual and physical benefits. But always remember to join them on all these activities. This will allow you to have better communication with them and also to grow with them. Try to find new creativity ideas for them and help them explore new possibilities on their own. As Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget says, “Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves.” So let us offer them all the support and assistance for their creative endeavors while they invent themselves.

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6 Highly Useful Tips for Easy Parenting

6 Highly Useful Tips for Easy Parenting

“If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent” – Bette Davis

Parenting is rewarding, but there will undoubtedly be hard days and difficult times to deal with. From playful tantrums of our little troublemakers to sleepless nights, parents are desperate for some relief and are always in hope of some magic to happen. And we know that it won’t. As with everything else in life, it is our perspective that makes a situation a problem. We can get annoyed with whatever the kids do or we can approach the situation in a realistic manner and look for solutions.  This article will offer some insights to make parenting easy for you. Hope you are going to enjoy it and practice them in your life.

1. Tackle Tantrums with Rewards

Children use tantrums as a way to deal with unpleasant or difficult situations. It can be annoying when they start crying, screaming and even holding their breath. They might have a specific reason for throwing a tantrum and sometimes we might be clueless about it. So, the first step is to get a picture of what triggered the reaction.

Once you understand the real problem, make them feel that you will solve it and offer them little rewards to end their little drama. It doesn’t mean that you should give in. Try to make them feel included, and promise a reward at the finish line. For a kid making middle-of-the-night wake-up calls, tell him if he stays in bed all night, he will be rewarded with a sticker or allowed to watch his favorite cartoon. Remember, you should always be in control of the situation.  I’m sure that you will be surprised by the result. My son Keshav is very fond of Lays like most kids of today and he wants to have it every day. He howls, cries and brings the house down if his demand is not met.  I’ve managed to strike a deal with him that if he reads a story everyday before bed, I buy him a pack on the last working day of the week.

2. Focus more on Games

Highly Useful Tips for Easy ParentingMake it a habit to find some time and play with your child. To a child, time with parents is the time to ask questions, learn, and to have lots and lots of fun. Games will help you to become more connected to the children. Games benefit both kids as well as parents, offering an opportunity to rediscover yourself, to release stress and also a way to relax. “ I spy with my little eye the color …..” was a game we used to play when my daughter Diya was in her Kindergarten days. That was when I used to feed her breakfast. She could learn the colors and also finish off her breakfast, both at the same time.

3. Plan a Future Trip

Planning a future trip with your little ones can give them as much fun and enjoyment as they will get on the actual trip. Always remember to plan small and child-friendly trips. Make a checklist and assign your family members with different responsibilities. You can also discuss with your little ones about their favorite destinations. Every summer vacation,we go for a tour which my kids are very enthusiastic about. They too make lists along with me on the things to be taken with us. And just before we leave for the trip, they strike off the items even from my list after checking it.  So, let’s start planning, shall we?

4. Make Time for your Partner

Highly Useful Tips for Easy ParentingChildren are the first priority for a parent and devoting your entire time for them can sometimes take a toll on your relationship with your partner. In order to maintain a strong connection, plan and prioritize some ‘couple time’ with your partner. Go for a dinner date. What about some lovely surprises? They work well too. Appreciate little things and efforts. This will help you stay connected, no matter how busy your lives may get. At the end of the day, kids are going to leave home for study or work and you two need to stick together. So, keep a balance and share the responsibilities.

5. Find some ‘Me Time’

You know you deserve it. As a parent we always make our own needs come last or just ignore them. Having some ‘me time’ in your busy schedule helps you to be fresh and active both mentally and physically. Start by setting self-goals and creating a daily to-do list for it. Don’t forget to ask for help and to say no to things that you don’t want to do. Don’t you miss your hobbies that you said goodbye to? Find some time to do things that make you happy. This will not only make you a better parent but also a better person. Whatever be the busy schedule of the day, I make it a point to attend my Zumba or workout session without fail. That’s the time I enjoy myself and feel absolutely free, no bars hold.

6. Become Mindful

Mindful parenting is all about being with your children in the present moment. It keeps you prepared for unexpected minor but stressful situations. For this, you need to interact with your child and be fully present in this interaction until it ends. Schedule it daily or weekly. Set aside all your issues and problems and remind yourself to spend this moment fully with your child. Use the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of them. You may come to experience these ‘little’ moments as ‘precious moments’ not to be missed.

Parents all over the world try hard to become perfect parents and end up ruining it. Instead be a genuine one. Being a parent can be a great challenge, but you can take it as an opportunity for self-discovery. Learn with your kids. Grow with your kids. Be happy with your kids. Embrace every moment spent with them. Best Wishes.

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Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Do you think your crazy schedule gets out of control?  Many busy moms feel that the hours in a day are not sufficient to complete their tasks. Many of them also think that they accomplish so little even after doing so much. It is a fact that you may not be able to reduce the chaos altogether and no household ever fell apart from you if you cut a few corners and combine a few tasks.  Being a busy mom, it is important for you to know that saving some time for yourself will help you to make your home life happier. There is no need to run your home like a well-oiled machine. Learn the art of how to maximize the time you have and make the most out of it. Read this essential time management tips to make your life easier and happier.

Assess your time

Time Management Tips for Busy MomsBusy moms can manage their time wisely by assessing it. Take a look at how you spend your time each day and plan accordingly. You can easily manage your time by establishing a daily or weekly plan. A formal planner is sufficient for a busy working mom to plan her day or a week. Many people spend more than an hour in a day to check the tasks to put on hold or eliminate them from the schedule. So, it is better to assess your time first to manage it properly.

Prioritize tasks

Checks all the tasks and categorize them based on its priority. Try to divide all your tasks into different sections such as the tasks that you need to do immediately, tasks that can do tomorrow or within a week and long-term or ongoing projects. Organize things in this way helps to manage your time in the most efficient manner.

Think ahead

It is wise to think ahead to manage your time especially if you are a busy working mother.  You can search for ways that are helpful to complete your tasks or delete steps from a task to get it ready without any delay. For instance, you can prepare as much as you can the night before for the next morning.

Learn to organize

Busy moms should keep a copy of everything in a file cabinet. Keep a separate folder for each child that contains all their information such as their school and doctor details. It helps them to find all the exact information without much searching. Make copies of things like class lists and phone numbers and keep a copy of them at your home and work.

Consolidate jobs

Multitasking is helpful for busy moms to manage their time. Try to consolidate tasks and get it done during downtime. You can complete the homework for your children or pay bills while you are sitting in a waiting room.  If you bring a phone headset, it is convenient for you to do other tasks while making phone calls.

Give some tasks for everybody at home

There are plenty of tasks at home that can complete even with the help of little ones. Share your tasks like sorting laundry and picking things up with other family members. You can perfectly manage your time wisely with their help.

Take advantage of technology

Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Always try to take advantage of technology if you would like to save your time. Each working mother finds it difficult to remain organized and they can use different productivity apps to make their life easier. These apps are effective to organize their billing, shopping and even cooking. You can take advantages of apps for the payment of bills, transfer money from your bank account and categorizes all your transactions.  Use websites to buy gifts so that busy moms can save their time by visiting stores. Research a little about the items that you want to purchase before you head to the shops. Many apps are available these days free of cost to create to-do lists, take notes on conference calls, eliminate sticky notes and save important emails. Busy moms can make their life a lot easier with the wise use of these apps.

Place a basket in each room

Place a large-size basket in each room of your house to store books, videos, toys, backpacks etc.  You can also keep a basket by the door for each family member so that they can store their shoes, umbrellas or any other thing goes out with that member in the morning.

Make extras

Busy moms should try to cook either a big-batch meal or multiple dinners and freeze for the week to save their time. Use plastic utensils and paper plates whenever you eat something light or running late. Save all those beautiful dishes for enjoying fancy meals. Busy moms can also pack their kid’s snacks for the week. A lot of snacks stay fresh and well if you pack them ahead of time. Wholesome packaged snacks can also be used at times to save time.

Life can be a little chaotic and difficult at times especially if you are a busy mother. Even the smartest and most organized mother can be stressed out when short on time. Managing time can be a tough skill to master for them. Use the above time management tips on a regular basis to become the most accomplished each day.

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