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Paurnami, an Artist Mom, has partnered with Creative Moms Hub to create a painting course for moms called “Moms Can Paint”. We all love to paint but never really gathered the courage to start doing it because we think it takes a lot. A lot of talent, a lot of time, and probably a lot of money. Through this course you will learn ways in which you can start painting even if you are not much talented, you are a very busy mom or if you have a limited budget. You will learn simple techniques to create amazing paintings, which you can use to adore your home or even sell on platforms like Creative Moms Hub. So if you are a mom who always wanted to paint, just enroll yourself for a huge discount and wee will start painting soon. All you need is the faith that moms can paint.

Once you have completed all modules, submitted your assignment and the progress bar shows “100% Complete”, the Certificate download button will appear on the top of this page.