Remember the recent floods! My house was nearly inundated. It was August 15th, a holiday for everyone in our country. While sitting reading the previous night, I could hear the rains in different ragas and pitches-light, medium, high and it went on and on…….and I dozed off in its rhythm.

Being a holiday, my son and I got up late. It was then that we realized that the power supply had gone. It was cold and damp and still drizzling. We could hear some noises here and there from outside. After a sumptuous hot breakfast of Masala Dosa, we both venture out equipped with a cap and an umbrella.

We have a temple very close to our house, hardly a stone’s throw away. The temple, our house, and the surrounding area is situated on slightly higher ground. When we walked down the slope, we approached the footsteps of the temple…we got the shock of our life! The roads to the temple were like a slightly deep canal and water had reached its steps, the initial ones from the road. A boat was plying on the waterlogged roads. Suddenly, a fire-engine appeared from nowhere to rescue some residents on the other side of an actual canal that flows a little distance away, behind the temple. My son was excited to see all this buzz whereas I was apprehensive.

We came back home. There wasn’t much to do, and my son started saying “It’s boring….” He’s in Grade IV. To keep him occupied, we started with some board games. After some time, he got enough of it. I suggested about doing some studies, to which he wasn’t very keen saying he’ll do it when the power supply resumes. He couldn’t play outside nor go on a few cycling rounds.

Next, I suggested doing some coloring or drawing. We used to do this right from his kindergarten days. It was always like, he would color one side and me on the other side in his coloring books. Like all other kids, initially his colors too would fall over and out of the figures he was coloring. But gradually he learned how to keep it within the frame. Of late, he’s been doing some drawing too. And it’ll invariably be some or the other kind of an alien. He does mention about joining the pilot cadre of IAF when he grows up, but these drawings have given me food for thought; I’m wondering whether he aims for the NASA or ISRO to reach the outer space and meet some aliens who come in his imagination.

He brought out his coloring and drawing books. And we started. First, we did our good old coloring of the given pictures in the coloring book. Then we shifted gears to draw. Both of us let loose our imagination and put it on paper. I started with the scenery that I would do often in my school days. I know many of you can visualize it, a mountain range in the background with a rising sun behind it, a lake flowing nearby beside a house situated in a lush green surrounding and a boat in the lake and some birds flying in the sky.

And I was surprised to see what came out of my son’s pencil. Even though it was on outer space, his images had now become clearer and there was a kind of theme in what he was doing. It looked as if the figures were shaking hands after a treaty or so which reminded me of the recent Trump-Kim meetings. He continued with a few more of such pictures, thrilled at my excitement and appreciation. I was excited to see the change in his drawing skills and planned to put him somewhere to hone his creative skills further.

We both were lost in another world that day developing something that lay within us. The rains had stopped which we weren’t aware of, but the power came only the next day. On that weekend I enrolled him at a reputed center, which enhances our artistic and other creative skills, located at a close distance from our residence.

It’s nearly 3 months now and he’s showing immense improvement treading on to other areas than outer space. His Teachers at the school have put some of those on display for their school art exhibition. Maybe one day we will host an exhibition of his works if he continues at this pace.

 By the way, I forgot to mention that I too joined along with him at that art center to keep him company rather than just drop him and later pick him. So please don’t be surprised to see some of mine too in a corner “Amateur” of my son’s exhibition. Know why??? Because our Trainer says, with persistence I too can reach heights (if not Mt. Everest at least the ranges) in this Creative skill of mine.

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