You may or may not have a bucket list. But something you should have is a basket full of dreams for your retirement life. Yes, it is time to change the old notion about retirement that all there is to do after retirement is looking after your grandchildren. Retirement is not an end. It actually is the beginning of new opportunities and endless possibilities. Creativity is not just art and craft. It also involves effective planning and successful implementation. Why can’t we be creative about retirement also?  Let’s have a look at a few things that you could and should do to make your retirement a wonderful turning point and an exciting experience.

Create a bucket list

You are given the gift of time. All you have to do is utilize it effectively. Take a pen and paper or your tab or your mobile and make a list of things you always wanted to pursue. It may be having a pet or learning to play an instrument. It can be running a marathon or visiting the Louvre or doing a bungee jump. The best part is, you are the boss and you can make the list as longer and crazier as you wish.

Become an Entrepreneur

You read it right. You have priceless experiences of a lifetime. You might have a good amount of money at hand. Why can’t you try something challenging and innovative? You might have worked under other for long years. You might have worked in a managerial position, but to grow someone else’s company. This is the right time to run your own show. Become an entrepreneur and start enjoying every moment of it.

Be a part of communities

Retirement will disrupt your social interactions. You were used to meeting the same bunch of people at work regularly and suddenly all that is gone. You have two options here: One, sit back and think about those wonderful days spent with them, meet them once or twice a year during some events and live in that nostalgia. Or you be brave about it and start finding new people and initiating new conversations.

A lot of communities exist out there. All you must do is find the ones you like. If you are a bibliophile, a lot of book clubs are out there which you can easily be a part of. If you like charity, you can find communities which do a lot of volunteer work around the globe. You can be a part of a laughing club if you want. Or catching the extreme, you can even start a community on your own for likeminded people around you.

Travel. Explore. Experience.

Creativity Unplugged: A Million Things to Do after Retirement

You have been working hard till this moment and you deserve some fun. Retirement offers you the opportunity to break out of your shell, grab your backpack and hit the places you always wanted to visit. Don’t even think that your age is a barrier for traveling. Be your boss and have fun.

Plant something

Even if you are not that into plants and all, planting a tree is like leaving your footprint in this world. It is like having a friend who waits for you when you come home from your happy hours with your friends or back from your road trip. Having a coffee with your plant/tree buddy is something new and the feeling is nothing but heaven like.

Do something you were always afraid of

There could be a lot of things you always wanted to do but you couldn’t. You may have a lot of reasons to justify your fears. Are you going to leave those fears as it is? Do you have any idea how beautiful that feeling is to conquer your fear? You can start with the smallest. One step at a time. Make a list of things that scare you. Start with the something you can do easily. Then do the next one and the next and the next. Here starts the miracle called life.

Start a Journal (If you don’t already have one)

Have you ever written something in your life? Don’t think that this is about writing a huge novel or book. What do you think about a journal? Can you start writing one? Keep in mind that it is not a diary. You can scribble whatever you want. You can paste things. You can plan things. You can draw things with your grandchildren’s crayons. Literally, you can do whatever you want with your journal. Trust me, you will fall in love with this idea. This may trigger the writer or painter in you, who knows! Journals are full of miracles.

In fact, the possibilities are endless. You can come up with a million ideas to do after your retirement, but they should make you happy and content at the end of the day. In short, it is your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t limit yourself fearing what others might think about you. Be yourself and start chasing your dreams that were kept locked deep inside your mind. Seize the day. Peace, Love, and Happiness.

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