The desire for a holiday is huge for everyone. But having holidays on a long ground, that really takes a toll on us. Pensioned life is not grey anymore. It is not about babysitting or settling for a tranquil life in Moordeshwar or Rishikesh nor is it a period to spend on gossiping or to bag a badge in the association or societies. As it is said, an active mind remains younger for longer. If will take its way, there is no dearth of options for an active life even after the retirement.
Earlier, women particularly limited themselves within the four walls and to their religious groups after retirement and often plunged to depression or loneliness. Now these days, hobbies and passion are turned to projects or business by many women folks. Many retirees continue contributing to the economy in some way and build a creative zone of their own. During the active working years, women minds would have spent their lives on left-brain work; some confined and logical stuff. Retirement is that time of their life that frees their right brain to release the creative power of the mind.
It was an exuberant sight to the sore eyes where women took the front wheels of their life and steered it good forward. They have passionately taken up artistry, painting, fashion designing, jewelry making, interior designing, craftworks, cooking, knitting, photography, farming, tutoring, blogging, community volunteering, tourist guiding and where not haven’t they marked their footprints. Why can’t one continue to pursue those to their later stage rather than worrying or complaining about the medications?

Fun @ sixtys: creative epiphany

Time is the greatest asset for any retiree and no amount of money can acquire more of it. Squander these resources for developing a new perspective on life. Invoke or brush up the creativity that is long hidden in the process of raising family or running household. Focus on fitness, head to all those destinations you admired in your favorite Bollywood songs. Do not restrict yourselves. Participate and enjoy all the artistic endeavors that come in your way, even if you are not creatively inclined. These creative pursuits encourage a sense of competence, purpose, and growth as well.
Foster your networks, because during the employed days we might have had incidents that have altered or influenced peoples’ lives positively. Some of us might have been teachers, doctors or lawyers if we all pool our talents and expertise for a novel initiative or startup in favor of any ostracized community. That would be a better giving back to the society that has evolved us. With the advent of the internet, there are a hundred doors that take us to an enterprising world of entrepreneurship and there are a thousand windows that allures and chain us to the touch screen we carry around. To be or not is our choice.
Retirement is that phase of life that comes without an instruction book. Whether retired or not creativity doesn’t have an expiration date. It is a fine wine and gets better with age.

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