Everyone loves babies… and helping them grow each step by step is an art of its own. We know that babies require a lot of time and attention and sometimes we could end up worn out ourselves too. But the right planning and creative ways will sure go a long way making you love the entire period of motherhood just as much as your baby loves being with you!  Sharing a few tips to enlighten you the creative way during this wonderful journey…

  • Ensuring proper sleep! – Wondering why this tops the list? Well obviously, for sleep is the most important thing both you and your baby need to make sure of, so that your brains and senses can function better together. Of course, finding the right time may be a bit of a problem. Instead of worrying which the time of the day it is, remember the best time to sleep is when your baby sleeps! Do take care to make them sleep preferably lying face up (supine), then sideways (laterally) but never face down (prone).
Growing With Your Baby The First 6 Months
  • Feeding time (Food is important!) – Mummies, be proud that you are the sole all in one nutrient provider to your baby, just by breastfeeding! Babies need to be breast feed every 2nd hourly initially and later on after 3 months or so cue based feeding can be given. This is because the first 3 months babies sleep longer and leaving them to sleep for more than two hours will slowly start to bring a drop in their blood sugar levels, and when they start to wail in hunger, they may start showing other symptoms too. So, make sure you keep an alarm for 2 hours and wake up your baby by gently flickering the baby’s soles or rock your baby gently back and forth between both your hands and then start feeding. If your baby is awake, maintain eye contact and keep talking to your baby. Your baby will intently watch you, and trust me, it helps not just to improve your baby’s hearing and recognise your voice earlier but strengthens your bond too. Sing to your baby whenever you can too, especially at night, it’ll help you keep awake and you won’t get a better admirer no matter what kind of a singer you are! Oh, and please remember that your milk should be the only food your baby gets for the first 6 months because your breast milk is tailor- made for your baby, and if you have any trouble, please consult your paediatrician before changing to alternate means yourself!
  • Spa time (Massaging and Bathing) – Its best to wipe your baby with a wet cotton towel (rinsed in luke-warm water) during the first few days till the umbilical cord shrivels and falls off itself. Once it does, you can start giving them baths by making them lie on their backs on top of your stretched legs. Wash them once, soap them and then wash again and turn them the other way to wash their backs too. Babies have special soaps which are at neutral pH so do buy them at your local pharmacist! Give your baby an oil massage before bath time rubbing well on the trunk, back and limbs. You can make oil time and bath time interesting by talking and singing to your baby or playing music in the background and make your own mommy-baby bath dance routine! Might sound silly, but babies will be watching you keener than you think and the more you talk and sing, the stronger he/she will turn out to be!
  • Playing (yeah, we babies would love that!) – Who wouldn’t love to play with their baby as they watch their little one grow. The initial first 2 to 3 months one of the games that would be best for your baby is the row -a -boat or pedal -a-cycle game. Make your baby lie on his/her back and move all the limbs in a cycling or pedalling manner along with your special playback voice which will help strengthen his/her bones or muscles while keeping your baby in fits of giggles too!  While your baby lies in his cradle or crib, tie coloured rings above so that your baby can fix to objects and colours earlier too. In case you do not get rings or small hoops, coloured ribbons or balloons will do, the best thing is you can even make these yourself! Introduce rattles and small sound making toys too. Let your baby see himself or herself in front of the mirror often, you’ll see your little one’s expressions start to appear earlier than usual! Once your baby is around 4 months or so (once head control has come), you con gently pull him or her to sit too. They’ll start sitting by themselves sooner! You can also play the aeroplane game by holding your baby on the tummy side and lifting him/her up and gently swaying in the air… just see how they enjoy the view!
Growing With Your Baby The First 6 Months

Well, these are just some of the basic few tips and things to keep in mind while bringing up your baby, which will help both to enjoy growing up together! It will be more special if you involve daddy, nanny and everyone around. Your baby’s brain development is maximum in the first two years, so these first six months make the strongest basement you can! Put your creative caps on and see what else you can create to make this journey even more memorable. All the best!

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