Bank jobs are highly lucrative career options since ages. It continues to remain so.

People are awestruck by the ambiance of the bank, especially modern ones. It could even be the amount of money that goes through the hands of the employees on a day to day basis or the loans that they approve, maybe the fact that they are safekeeping many an important document and jewellery of the common man. It could even be the sophisticated look of the banker or the LFC that they enjoy on a yearly basis. Like any other career banking too has another flip side to it.

I, being a bank officer for around 22 years have some rich experience to quote.  Bank employees across the country rank high on stress scale since they are accountable to everything that happens in the office. Perfection is their fantasy in being courteous and pleasing in disposing of the situations. One work pressure includes selling third-party products, social sector banking and pressure for achieving targets. Though we enjoy a respectable position in the society, off late the trend is changing as they have virtually become slaves to please the so-called elite customers.

Bank jobs are not easy; we don’t get enough time to do everything for everyone. We don’t have fixed working hours. I often reached home at 9 pm during certain peak managerial times. If need be, we can be called to the bank at any time, even on holidays. For example, if there are any security issues they could be called at any time since they are responsible for the smooth running of the bank, including security systems.

Due to the heavy workload, we are under a lot of stress. It can even cause various hardships physically. It has been linked to a wide range of health issues, including mood swings, sleep, appetite problems and non-communicable disease due to the sedentary nature of the job. Off late, the management conducts a workshop on stress management to overcome this and to manage unhealthy habits.

The family and social life of a banker mostly remain deprived.  Our career is a multi-faceted one. We spend more time in office than homes. We are left with very little time to spend with family.

Bankers can inculcate the habit of saving in their kids. Whenever they get cash as a gift, they are encouraged to put in savings account immediately. Gradually the kids realize that their money has ‘’grown”. This also helps them to understand the importance of saving and using money judiciously.

Life From a Banker’s Perspective

A bank manager enjoys immense financial power and has the potential to change the life of any individual, be it farmers, students, the salaried, young entrepreneurs and so on. No prudent manager would sanction a loan by violating norms and guidelines and without analysing the proposal thoroughly.

Experience is the best teacher. After retirement, there is no assurance for recognition. It’s like the chess game; once the game is over, be it the king or the soldier, all are kept inside the same box.

Even with all these problems that I had to face in my beautiful job, I must confess that I truly enjoyed the job and would recommend it to the new generation. I took maternity leave for a year to look after my twin boys after my delivery. Then I joined again leaving my kids in the safe hands of my mother. Similarly, if we make some adjustments and have a supportive family, we can reach any heights in a banking career.

Bankers are fully equipped with creativity and innovative ideas to serve the customers. Retail banking needs innovation and creative thinking as much as any industry if not more. For Business Development, bankers are formulating strategies reaching out to the unexplored market segments for business expansion. They are providing a systematic planning, establishing competitive intensity, achieving and ensuring profits, conceptualizing and implementing plans policies for the organization, organizing promotional campaigns and ensuring the accomplishment of business goals.

There are many tips to help bankers to sharpen their Creativity skills.

  • Interacting with customers mapping their requirements.
  • Handling customer queries for better turnaround time and customer satisfaction.
  • Identifying prospective customers, generating business from the existing clientele to achieve business targets through a customer-centric approach
  • Leading, monitoring the performance of team members to ensure process efficiency and meeting of individual group targets.
  • Creating and sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities and motivates high performance amongst team members.
  • Ensure profitability of branch by achieving fees/CASA targets and reduction of operational cost.
  • Ensuring that customer gets world-class services and their needs are understood and met through financial products offering of the Bank
  • Customer service management and personal visit to all high net worth customers

In short, all creative problems are tackled with their extraordinary creative skills, no doubt.

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