Moms and creativity go hand in hand. We moms end up being creative when being creative is our only option. I have varied experience of being creative for my son, a 6 yr old naughty brat who means the world to me. So being creative for his well being or happiness is a bare necessity. Be it colorful idlis to eat or a fox with paper folding or making new music with words to teach school work or making animals with clay, all bring out the artist in me.
At present, I can very well say that my son has no appreciations for any of my above-mentioned ventures. But to me, it is another personality hidden within me, which I never knew existed. To be precise, every day starts with a voice within me saying ‘What New’. It is a bit tiring at first, but unknowingly when a smile or a chuckle or a wow comes from my son on seeing a braised chilli fish (my version still good) or scenery I draw for him to color, does the trick.
Definitely gives a kick start to the ‘super mom’ in me. These gestures are the best you can get out of them.
My son is a very poor foodie unlike me. It is hard to make him try anything new. How much ever you say or act like it’s to die for, it’s the usual rice and butter chicken that is God’s gift for him. So most mornings the creative chef in me jump starts to producing rabbit eggs, mini pancakes with choco chips, Mickey mouse dosa, kichadi with everything available in my kitchen, irrespective of veg or non–veg. I used to feel my creativity was maximum in the kitchen but now I realize entertaining him is a greater challenge and that being said, locking his curiosity in it is even more painstaking.

Super Mom
In today’s world, the pressing issue in every family is the addiction of our children for technology. My son sits glued to the television for hours if left undisturbed. He knows to efficiently use my mobile phone better than me or his father. At first, it might seem great or a thing of pride but over the years, I along with many other mothers find it very hard to get the children to play otherwise. Playing with toys, friends, cycle etc is very time consuming for them. That’s when we mothers, at least a few of us, got innovative or creative. We took turns to come up with an idea for each evening. So after that, we took our children to our apartment play area (so now you understand I live in an apartment complex) and play different games. At first, it was teaching them to cycles without the side wheels, then competitions on cycling, next came more creative minds with ideas for a treasure hunt around the apartment, spelling bee, finding an object hidden somewhere in the play area, etc
I don’t know why but I have always found the words “God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers”, very true. Mothers are creators of new life, nourishing and nurturing that life is what the mother within a woman is all about. We break our boundaries and rules, all for that one smile on the face of our child. My experience is that the satisfaction is never complete until we hear our child boast to his/her friend ‘My mother did that…’ All the pain we took, all the lack of sleep we had trying to make life more agreeable to our child, the very dialogue ’Ok just this time, no more’ all vanishes and I for one person feel like doing or creating more new adventures for my child, hoping to give an urge to be adventurous and creative in life.
In short, we moms are the most creative person in the family……. without an ounce of doubt. Hats off to all the moms, Super Moms indeed!

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