Creativity is not my cup of tea!!! This is certainly a cliché that most people would agree to differ!

Having spent about nineteen years of my life in bringing up a beautiful girl child single-handedly has made me realise that creativity is necessary at times. This is not to be misconstrued as lack of parenting skills but rather the ability to think on your feet when parenting gets exasperating!

Coming back to my topic, I was quite hassled when I sat down to pen a few lines on creativity and parenting. Have I ever integrated creativity into the daily rigmarole of bringing up my daughter? The facts which I am about to mention in the ensuing paragraphs are true to life and has resemblance to people who are still alive on planet Earth!

 I had this passion for reading books and writing diaries long ago and continued to do so throughout the growing stages of my daughter’s life. I recall some embarrassing incidents and light hearted banter as a result of getting caught on the wrong foot, in particular, when my daughter questioned me, in all innocence, about the ‘notes’ which I had penned down while she was fast asleep. Even today, it certainly gives me the creeps to think of all those ‘notes’ she might have read in secret while I was blissfully unaware at work.

 Teenage Philosophy

My ‘notes’ cannot be considered as a prolific work of English literature but rather thoughts arising out of a state of mind mulled in pain, rejection, fear and uncertainties. The words, if I may say so, revealed the depth of the wound in my heart. It was a good deal of rhetoric related to many of the agonising incidents and accidents that had happened on a daily basis. All the while I assumed that I had carefully hidden away the ‘notes’ from being read by my daughter who was in reality a witness to my daily tryst with my dairy. Sometimes, it felt quite awkward to hide the very same ‘notes’ amongst my daughter’s books hoping that she wasn’t smart enough to detect the diary which contained my musings. 

It was not until her 14th birthday that I was told about a book being collated by my daughter reminiscing those throbbing years of adolescence and her insights on teenage trauma. The book was fittingly titled as ‘Teenage Philosophy’. My instant response to this surprising disclosure was a mild question which I put across to my daughter about the reasons which had led her to write a book! Pat came her reply that my parenting was not about great cooking, wonderful bedtime stories, and lovely birthday parties to amuse and thrill nor fabulous vacations abroad. It was all about my Writing and she boldly admitted to the truth that my dairy was read religiously by my daughter every day!!

 Teenage Philosophy

To this date, I still haven’t figured out how my daughter managed to read my diary nor have I probed into the matter at length. It remains a mystery and I guess it will continue to remain so in the years to come!! My mundane activity of scribbling down my thoughts on papers turned my daughter into a writer! Not bad, I thought! It is also intriguing to think as to what might have crossed her mind while reading my ‘notes’. Did it boggle her, hurt her, offend her or even make her rebellious?

On hindsight, I don’t remember my daughter being unmanageable quite evidently, with the exception of a few negligible incidents which are quite peculiar to teenage, neither do I recall of any changes in her expressions of love and loyalty towards me as her mother. I am still given to ruminating on what she might have thought about me as her mother. Writing has certainly proved a very useful parenting tool to me though most inconspicuously and I wouldn’t mind mentioning that it has also triggered a unique creativity in my daughter too! Like mother, like daughter?!!

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